Sipurei Masiyos, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1816)

Blissed-out cosmic longing to connect with the spiritual universe

From There Shall You Seek, Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik (1978)

Man’s search for God and God’s search for man

Sefer Hasidim, Rabbi Judah of Regensburg (early 13th c.)

The twisted logic of Medieval German piousness

Commentary, Rashi (11th c.)

That is the whole Torah; the rest is this

Kaddish, Leon Wieseltier (1998)

A prayer for the dead, and for the life of books

Tsene-Rene (1590s)

The Women’s Bible

Birnbaum Siddur, Philip Birnbaum (1977)

The prayer book we think of when we say ‘prayer book’

Babylonian Talmud (770)

Judaism: A User’s Guide

The Bible

In the beginning

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