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Wicked Sons: Benjamin Kerstein, Doron Rabinovici, and Norman Finkelstein

Adam Kirsch — Aug 20, 2014

Is Jewish rebellion really a form of submission? Two new novels and one political critic examine apostasy.

Life Lessons From Bob Dylan’s Brilliant Jewish Singer-Songwriter Son-in-Law

Wayne Robins — Aug 18, 2014

To Peter Himmelman, fame was no match for observance, and the music just got better

A World Without Jews: Hitler’s Dream Still Makes Us Uneasy

David Mikics — Aug 13, 2014

Historian Alon Confino traces a source of today’s global anti-Semitism to the ethical revolution triggered by Kristallnacht

The Crimes of Moisés Ville: A Story of Gauchos and Jews

Javier Sinay — Aug 11, 2014

The long echo of a massacre on the Argentine pampas, and the multi-generational chronicle of Jewish life in its wake

The Israeli ‘This American Life’ Will Surprise Even Those Who Think They Know the Land Well

Vox Tablet —

After making a splash back home, the creators of the Hebrew-language program are launching an English version on Vox Tablet

How a Hamas Anthem Became a Hit in Israel

Yoram Hazony — Aug 8, 2014

Why Israeli kids are singing ‘Up, Do Terror Attacks!’

The Man Who Loves Women

Batya Ungar-Sargon — Aug 7, 2014

Having brought author Clarice Lispector back into the public eye, biographer Ben Moser turns to Susan Sontag

A Hasidic Girl Band Gears Up for Its Debut at a Storied Rock Venue

Vox Tablet — Aug 4, 2014

From the Archive: With a women’s-only gig at Arlene’s Grocery in New York this week, Bulletproof Stockings hits the bigger time

Was Vladimir Jabotinsky the Zionist Nabokov?

Marat Grinberg —

A look at the fearsome ideologue’s brilliant Odessa family novel, ‘The Five’

The Darker, More Disturbing Side of Artist Jeff Koons’ Love Affair With Kitsch

Jeremy Sigler — Aug 1, 2014

Art-world pervert flaunts mirrored balloons, oodles of cash at the Whitney

The Forgotten Founder of ‘Partisan Review’ Wrote Porn and Thrillers

Ron Capshaw — Jul 31, 2014

What happened when Kenneth Fearing’s Communist sympathies came up against his ideas about art?

Henry Roth Slept With His Sister and His Cousin

Adam Kirsch — Jul 30, 2014

Now that you know the novelist’s incestuous secrets, is his newly reissued ‘Mercy of a Rude Stream’ quartet worth reading or not?

Weird Al: America’s Greatest Living Artist

Liel Leibovitz — Jul 25, 2014

With the No. 1 album in America, the parodist proves yet again the full depth of his genius

I Thought I Meant More to You Than That

Cynthia Orgel —

Tablet Original Fiction: Angela loves Paul loves Claire loves Adam loves Angela

A Heartbreaking Picture of Rare Genius Shows America Without Jews

Ann Marlowe — Jul 24, 2014

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood is the best film of 2014, and one of the least Jewish movies ever made


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