Adam Chandler

Adam Chandler was previously a staff writer at Tablet. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, Slate, Esquire, New York, and elsewhere. He tweets @allmychandler.

The Most Israeli Answer to a Question Ever

Oh, and the Sudan-Gaza link

The Stitches of Israeli Fashion Week

Today on Tablet, Ruth Margalit on politics and fashion

Daybreak: U.K. Reject U.S. Use of Bases for Iran

Plus ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ Are Read Aloud in Greek Parliament

Sundown: President Obama Knows His Sundowns

Plus an interview with former Mossad head Efraim Halevy

David Stern to Step Down as NBA Commish

The 30-year reign of David J. Stern will end in 2014

On the ‘Bieberman’ Super Party

What it means for Israeli politics

Today on Tablet

Angels in the altars

Elena Kagan Likes to Hunt

The Supreme Court Justice shoots to kill

Victory March

Today on Tablet, Jews and college football

‘Free To Be You and Me’ Turns 40

The project had feminist underpinnings, a message, and Jewish support

Daybreak: Egypt Brokers Israel, Hamas Ceasefire

Plus endorsements, endorsements

Sundown: Southern Israel Dusts Itself Off

Plus federal prosecutors sue Bank of America for a cool billion

Long Island Loses the Islanders to Brooklyn

Jews Versus Jew, Hockey Edition

The Jews for Tim Tebow Conspiracy

The Jets second-string quarterback allegedly has a Jewish following

Joan Nathan: Shabbas Savior

Today on Tablet, the bird’s the word

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