Allison Hoffman

Allison Hoffman is a senior editor at Tablet Magazine. Her Twitter feed is @allisont_dc.

Obama and Bibi Tag-Team for Friendship

Two happy faces, at least for the press

The Bridge

Former Congressman Robert Wexler wants to make Mideast peace, but he doesn’t want to be ambassador to Israel

Who Is Joining NYU in the Gulf?

Branch President, leading professor are Jews

Top Turk Breaks Bread With Chabad

Mercan tells us he likes the Jews

Lieberman, in New York, Meets With Russian Jews

Moldovan-born foreign minister performs outreach

Tablet Magazine Talks to Vice PM Shalom

How Turkey looks from Israel

Even in California, The Establishment Wins

Taitz, Winograd, and Kaus all defeated in primaries

Israel Hits the West Coast

California’s primaries and the Jews

With a Whimper

Longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas retires after anti-Semitic outburst

Passengers, Backers Spanned Globe

And we talk to Flotilla organizer Adam Shapiro

Obama Fêtes the Jews

Our dispatch from the White House party

Reform Leader Gets Tough on Iran

Yoffie calls for unity on importance of sanctions

Being Andrew Breitbart

Conservative impresario prepares a Mideast site

Late-‘60s Hadassah Head Dies

Jacobson, American Zionist activist, was 97

Conservatives Talk About Conserving Judaism

JTS head lays out more ecumenical future

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