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Costco to Sell Illustrated Torahs

Just in time for Hanukkah, or Christmas

Palestinians Threaten Declaration of Statehood

Israel rejects unilateral move; analysts argue peace process is dead

Messinger: Jewish Service Must Be Real Service

Focus on needs, not college applications, says former NYC pol

Unemployed? Jewish? Go to Israel!

Freebies for prospective immigrants lure cash-strapped Americans, Reuters says

Abbas: No Talks Without Settlement Freeze

Talk comes after Netanyahu, Emanuel comments at G.A.

Emanuel Addresses G.A., Pushes Peace Talks

Speaking in lieu of his boss; audience reaction is mixed

Obama, Netanyahu Meet, Stay Silent

All we know is they talked about Iran and peace

Bibi on Peace: ‘Let’s Get on With It’

G.A. responds enthusiastically, except for one protestor

Oren, Cantor Focus on Iranian Threat

In G.A. addresses yesterday

Orthodox Jews: Key New York-Area Swing Voters?

Ortho Union points out role observant Jewish voters played in several area races

U.N. Endorses Goldstone Report

And Israel claims a moral victory, of sorts

N.J.’s Christie Wins in Deal, Too

Syrian Jews don’t hold a grudge

U.S. House Condemns Goldstone Report

And now the U.N. General Assembly will debate it

No New Deal

On Election Day, New Jersey’s Syrian Jews let bygones be bygones

J Street in the Middle?

Americans for Peace Now to the left of it, AIPAC to the right, on U.S. House Goldstone resolution

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