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Glenn Beck Announces Yom Kippur Fast

His is for the Republic, not for redemption.

Photo Ops

As Obama sits down with Netanyahu and Abbas, a brief history of the trilateral summit

Pro-Israel Ad Campaign on ‘NYT’ Website?

Refutes Gaza War criticisms UPDATED

Irving Kristol Is Dead

BREAKING: Godfather of neoconservatism was 89

Reflection 2.0

A High Holidays online service that asks probing questions and remembers your answers

Bin Laden Likes ‘The Israel Lobby’

His latest book endorsement

Jane Fonda Is Sorry

For signing on to Tel Aviv protest without due diligence

Report Card

How the U.N. report on alleged Israeli war crimes in Gaza compares to the IDF‘s

U.N. Says Israel Committed War Crimes

BREAKING: Investigation of Gaza war blames Hamas, too, but says Israel was worse

Toronto Abuzz About Israeli Film

Forget Tel Aviv; they want to see ‘Lebanon’

Ortho Women Are De-Lousing Experts

Charge up to $200 per kid

AIPAC and Obama Headed for a Showdown?

‘Mother Jones’ thinks so

Hasid Sets Sight on Dancing World Record

Chabad telethon to feature six-hour number

J Street Debuts in ‘Times Magazine’

Left-leaning Israel lobby group is generational shift, James Traub says

Christmas Without Jesus?

Not if California ballot measure makes it on the ballot

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