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Allison Hoffman is a senior editor at Tablet Magazine. Her Twitter feed is @allisont_dc.

Treasure Trove

How is it that one of the greatest collections of Hebraica ever assembled can’t find a home?

L.A. JCC Shooter Renounces Racism

Says it makes him happier not to hate.

NJDC to MSNBC: Watch It!

Liberal network responds by blocking Buchanan nonsense

Carol Leifer Says a Dirty German Word

Maybe by accident

Big Reveal on German “Antiques Roadshow”

Art was stolen by—and then from—Nazis

Beware Imported Shofars!

Buy local, say Tel Aviv rabbis

Breaking Tradition, While Breaking Bread

Obama invites Jews to Muslim meal at the White House

Cuckolded Husband of Madoff Mistress Speaks

Though we wish he wouldn’t

Who By Fire?

L.A. rabbi uses Rosh Hashanah liturgy to ask for help on wildfires

Israeli Tennis Star Ready for Flushing Meadows

Became cause célèbre after ban from Dubai tournament earlier this year

Olmert Indicted

Charged with fraud, breach of public trust

Madonna Booed in Bucharest

For anti-discrimination comments

Madoff Swindled Muslims, Too!

But with help from a Jew

Suit Dismissed Against Ortho L.I. School Board

Secular parents said board was running district to benefit yeshiva students

Broken Watch

Does Human Rights Watch have an Israel problem?

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