Allison Hoffman

Allison Hoffman is a senior editor at Tablet Magazine. Her Twitter feed is @allisont_dc.

Limbaugh Sees Swastikas Everywhere

Health-care reform is apparently a Nazi scheme

Birthers Melt Down

Who’s most qualified to float anti-Obama conspiracy theories?

Plenty of Blame in N.J. Scandal

From Boteach and Koch, but no one knows who made bomb threats

Secular L.I. Parents Sue Orthodox-Run School Board

Five Towns feud!

Ahmadinejad Sworn In for New Term

Will we see him in New York this September?

Better Late Than Never

A new book offers dating tips for those in their golden years

More Rabbinical Money Laundering

Guilty pleas in L.A.; meeting with Jewish leaders in N.J.

The Real Michael Savage Stands Up

The Jewish right-wing pundit as classic neocon

‘Birther’ Leader On Colbert

Woman, born a Soviet Jew, warns of Obama

In Doubt’s Shadow

Soviet Jewish emigré Orly Taitz is the ‘queen bee’ of the ‘birther’ movement

Crisis of Faith

How a venerated rabbi got swept up in a sensational crime

Insider Led Agents to Rabbis, Pols

All it took was one man, officials say

Rabbis Arrested in N.J. Corruption Probe

UPDATED: Jersey Shore synagogue, yeshiva searched

Haim Saban Sued for Millions

By imprisoned, impassioned tax lawyer

Shalom, and Salaam

European rabbis and imams pay a visit to Ellis Island

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