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Allison Hoffman is a senior editor at Tablet Magazine. Her Twitter feed is @allisont_dc.

The Other Israel, in Film

Movies explore the problems of peace

J Street’s Silent Majority

Survey emphasizes ‘majority,’ results emphasize ‘silent’

Heads Up

J Street chief Jeremy Ben-Ami calls the plays for the first self-confident alternative Jewish establishment

Clinton Speaks Warmly of Palestinian Statehood

But not in the go-through-the-U.N. way

She’s Back, and She’s In New York

The season premiere of ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’

Master Builder

With his U.S. Institute of Peace set to open in Washington, Israeli-born Moshe Safdie takes his place among the world’s leading architects

In Lieu of Gifts

Forgoing the usual bar and bat mitzvah swag, some teens are asking guests to contribute to charity

You Better Recognize the Jewish State

But who is a Jew? A morning with Danny Ayalon

N.Y. Dems Highlight GOPer’s Comments

Candidate made Hitler analogy

Shmuley and Christopher

A rabbi and an atheist walk into a room …

Jewish Funders Network CEO Steps Down

Charendoff has served for nine years

High Court Concurs With Taitz Fine

‘Birther Queen’ reprimanded for serial suing

Stanger Breaks Her Own Match

‘Millionaire’ yenta ends engagement

$200M Scam Involves $6M in Judaica

Must be some pretty expensive candleholders

On Tour, Bibi Is All Smiles

New York elite welcome him at the Plaza

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