Adam Kirsch

Adam Kirsch is a contributing editor for Tablet Magazine and the author of Benjamin Disraeli, a biography in the Nextbook Press Jewish Encounters book series.

Seize the Pen

In his essays on the writing life, Michael Greenberg emerges as figure out of Bellow


Examining Soviet Russia’s short-lived Jewish renaissance

The Truman No-Show

A new book assesses the president’s role in the creation of Israel

Atrocious Normalcy

A new study of the Warsaw Ghetto features the brutal and the banal


Assessing the transformations that have shaped contemporary American Judaism

Frankfurt on the Hudson

How the fathers of Critical Theory found their way to America

Chic Radical

A new biography is overly impressed by Leonard Bernstein’s liberal politics


Rich Cohen’s new book, ‘Israel is Real,’ is divorced from reality

Relatively Speaking, a Zionist

An anthology tries—and fails—to paint Einstein as hostile to Israel

A Nation of Commentators

We are all Rashi’s heirs, but what, exactly, is our inheritance?

Far and Away

A new book amasses the varied tales of those who fled the Third Reich

Idol Chatter

In his essays, Leonard Michaels worried about the line between art and the profane

What Is a Jew?

An essay collection explores the complexities of Jewish identity

All Quiet

Were postwar American Jews really ‘silent’ about the Holocaust?

Mixed Record

I.F. Stone was prescient on Zionism, less so on Communism

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