Alana Newhouse

Alana Newhouse is the editor-in-chief of Tablet Magazine.

Welcoming Mark Oppenheimer

The New York Times columnist will be our guest editor-in-chief this summer

Editing Out Elements of Judaism Doesn’t Work

Instead of masking our ambivalence and discomfort, we should confront it

Who Is Responsible for Dylan Farrow’s Pain?

It’s not, as she argues, the public.

Lou Reed, 1942-2013: Baruch Dayan Emet

The Brooklyn-born punk star, writer, and poet altered the New York cultural landscape

101 Voices (Or So It Feels That Way)

The contributors behind 101 Great Jewish Books

Interpretation of Dreams, Sigmund Freud (1900)

Freud’s ideas go bump in the night

The Mind-Body Problem, Rebecca Goldstein (1993)

I married a genius

Marjorie Morningstar, Herman Wouk (1955)

Nice girl dreams big, finishes last

The Counterlife, Philip Roth (1986)

Zuckerman vs. Zuckerman: impotence, Zionism, and brotherly love

Aimee Bender’s ‘The Doctor and the Rabbi’

Electric Literature features Tablet’s inaugural original fiction installment

Tablet, Warsaw Edition

The week of the 70th anniversary of the ghetto uprising, Tablet magazine reported from Poland

News from Home

Tablet welcomes a News and Politics editor and two writers

Tablet Needs Your Help

Take the 2012 Reader Survey

Responding to Readers

On Anna Breslaw, survivors, and Tablet

Sundown, Daybreak

Saying goodbye to Marc Tracy, welcoming Adam Chandler

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