Alana Newhouse

Alana Newhouse is the editor-in-chief of Tablet Magazine.

A Community To Be Proud Of, a Death To Mourn

Leiby Kletzky prompted Hasidic community’s finest, saddest hours

‘Goldblog’ Moving to Tablet

Contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg to begin blogging here

Who Is The Most Jewish Designer?

(It’s probably not John Galliano)

Resignation Over John Galliano

I give up

A Plea on Behalf of John Galliano

With a cherry on top?

Standing by La MaMa

An unusually idiotic Israel-related boycott piques my wrath

Basketball Jews

Competition among the yeshivot

Cropping Out the Truth

A closer reading of Ernest Coles

Bright Spots

The best of this year’s chanukiahs, the menorahs used for Hanukkah, are beautiful, sometimes clever, and occasionally poignant

My Kingdom for a Purse

Handbags and milestones

Parts of the Whole

In the reflective period of the High Holidays, Tablet Magazine—together with rabbis and writers—considers the debate over Jewish identity and makes an argument for inclusiveness


Rethinking the traditions of tish and bedeken for a progressive, egalitarian wedding

Ami Eden Named JTA’s New Head

Our editor reflects on a great mentor

Vishniac Inspires High Fashion

For once, pre-Holocaust photographer conjures appropriate nostalgia

In Defense of Jill Zarin

A word of praise for a much-maligned Housewife

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