Amichai Lau-Lavie

Amichai Lau-Lavie is the founder of Storahtelling, and the spiritual leader of Lab/Shul, an emerging New York City congregation.

Prepent 5774: Day 10, Slowing Down

Remembering to focus on smart and mindful eating

Prepent 5774: Day 9, Cutting Our Losses

Making a mental list of the items I’ve misplaced this year, and letting it all go

Prepent 5774: Day 8, Meeting in the Middle

What our interactions with strangers reveal about ourselves

Prepent 5774: Day 7, Getting Intimate

Sex is prohibited on Yom Kippur—all the more reason to talk about it now

Prepent 5774: Day 6, Sacred Gestures

In Judaism we kiss mezuzahs and Torah scrolls—and also the people we love

Prepent 5774: Day 5, Pain and Gain, Again

Taking stock of what hurts—and why

Prepent 5774: Day 4, Sleep, Know More

How sleep fits into the bigger picture of living well

Prepent 5774: Day 3, Gently Unplug

A case for undertaking a weekly digital detox

Prepent 5774: Day 2, Catch Your Breath

The importance of slowing down and taking a few deep breaths

Prepent 5774: Day 1, Balancing the Scales

Weighing in, physically and emotionally, as the 40 days begin

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