Bruce Jay Friedman, a novelist, short story writer, playwright, memoirist, and screenwriter, is the author of nineteen books, including Stern and Lucky Bruce: A Literary Memoir. His most recent collection of short fiction is The Peace Process He lives in New York City.

When Gene Wilder Went ‘Stir Crazy’

The writer of the classic¬†Pryor-Wilder jailbreak comedy remembers ‘a serious actor and a brilliant clown’


A Holiday Fable

Tablet Original Fiction for Passover, from the master of black humor: Evicted from Teaneck, what exodus awaits?


Caracas Retreat

Junketing to South America in the late 1960s with Robert Lowell, a wealthy Venezuelan, and Alfred Kazin. An excerpt from the forthcoming memoir Lucky Bruce.


A Change of Plan

The short story that became The Heartbreak Kid


And Now, a Major Motion Picture!

What happens to a writer when Hollywood calls?


A Door Opens

The author of Stern remembers his heady first days on the literary scene

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