Dan Klein

The Perfect Jew… in 3-D!

‘Great Gatsby’ film in the works

New Era of Middle East Peace Begins

Israeli video mocking Qaddafi gains Arab fans

Daybreak: Bushehr Goes Kaput Again

Plus Geller an official hater, and more in the news

Sundown: Rahm’s In It

Plus Seinfeld invents another holiday, and more


Holocaust denier uses Jewish named alter ego to defend self

Salinger Revealed to Be Human Being

Author enjoyed hamburgers

Stuxnet Is the Bomb

Russia says yes, Science says no

Daybreak: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Plus sanctions for Glenn Beck, and more in the news

Sundown: Ducks (Don’t) Fly Together!

Plus, swan song of a Nazi anthem and more

Kafka Undercover

Famous book designer takes crack at K.

Advil Fights Back Pain, Congestion, Anti-Semitism

Commercial defends mucus, sleeping men, and Jewish looking guys from slander

Jewish Issues Absent From President’s Address

The Scroll smells something fishy

Evan Goldstein Appointed Editor of Arts & Letters Daily

New editor is a Tablet contributor

Daybreak: The State of the Union

Plus Giffords is Good, and more in the news


From University Medical Center, where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is being treated, to her synagogue, where the rabbi led an emotional service, Tucson residents gathered to pray for the victims of Saturday’s shooting attack

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