Dan Klein

You Questioned Our 100 Greatest Jewish Songs

And we have something to say back!

Sundown: Happy Birthday, Bro

Plus, good will to all men, and more

Oh No! I Haven’t Bought Presents Yet!

In unrelated news, apparently everyone loves Nextbook Press

A Monumental Kiss

Your Vox Tablet preview

You Questioned Our 100 Greatest Jewish Songs

Our musicologists answered

Christmastime in New York

Sara Ivry investigates the man on the street

Daybreak: Wikileaks Comes for Israel

Plus, a Jewish American baby boom, and more in the news

Sundown: Finally, Someone Wins

Plus, the mystery of the Jewish surname, and more

The Eternal Conundrum

Barney Frank is very funny, but why?

“Who’s Angrier?”

Luzer Twersky responds to his critics

Today on Tablet

Two ways to spend December 25th

A Very Special Message

David Mamet draws a cartoon

Daybreak: The Old Die Free

Plus, my big fat Greek Jewish conspiracy, and more in the news

Sundown: The Old Guard Makes Their Move

Plus, the Kissinger ball falls in Bloomberg’s court, and more

Bibi to Formally Ask for Pollard’s Freedom

Without haggling, convicted spy could gain freedom

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