Dan Klein

What Would Tevye Do?

Mr. Manners on finding the love of a Jewish woman

Today on Tablet

Photography, poetry, and the 100 greatest Jewish songs of all time

Daybreak: I Married an Arab!

Plus ‘Cui Bono’ and more in the news

Sundown: A Kissinger Is Not a Promise

Plus public transit gets more depressing, and more

Hawaiian Makes Aliya

Philip Roth does not appear in this post

Senator Lieberman Answers ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

For Jewish reasons. In a Jewish way

Daybreak: Unheard of Chutzpa

Plus Harvey Milk’s camera shop, and more in the news

A Short History of Words

New Google tool reveals relative popularity of ‘shmuck,’ ‘Zionist,’ other terms

BREAKING: 16 Sentenced in Murder of French Jew

Sentences range from eight months to life

Daybreak: Knesset to Cut Off Yeshiva Students

Plus, Salita scores a KO, and more in the news

Sundown: A Picture Worth A Thousand Cables

Plus long live the King, and more

Girls Gotta Sing

And wear awesome wigs

Harper’s: Lord of the Flies meets Hasid

Fear and loathing in Crown Heights

Time Magazine’s Anti-Semites of the Year

Also, Mark Zuckerberg won this year

Daybreak: Lebanon Claims to Have Destroyed Spy Cameras

Plus Palestinian studies at Columbia scrutinized, and more in the news.

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