Dan Klein

Sundown: Snape Is Punk Rock

Plus, dancing Jews, Sorkin’s Not Mitzvah and more

Conservative Movement Votes on Same Sex Unions

Passes in a landslide

Jewish Kids Author De-Shelved in Utah

Patricia Polacco Draws Us a Map

Meanwhile in Tel Aviv

Picture of the Day

Getting the Band Together

Shivah Stars

When President Obama Extolled the Jews

The President turned to Nextbook Press’ author for his speech

Daybreak: Iran’s Vanishing Act

Plus General Grant returns to the White House, and more in the news

The Wrong Day to Attack the ‘Forward’

Paper scores victory on day it is accused of bias

Mitt’s Lost Jewish Love

A young Romney’s old girlfriend

Beinart, Gordis Debate In Front of Packed House

Here’s what went down; and, you can watch the whole thing

Congressional Jew-Count Plummeting

Jews in the House are leaving in droves

Samson Shrugged?

Israel’s *other* demographic timebomb

Frank Speaker?

The Jewish Speaker of the House that could’ve been.

Sundown: Cracks in the Matzoh

Plus, Drake’s shul isn’t happy, hazing in Boston and more

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