Dan Klein

Marriage on the March Part Deux

How many Jews can marry whomever?

Daybreak: The Chosen One’s Chosen

Plus, the Obama doctrine, and more in the news

Sitting Duck

Barack Obama’s poll numbers are down among Jews—and that’s normal. For more than 30 years, nearly every incumbent president has fared less well among Jews in his re-election effort than in his first campaign.

Sundown: Shabbat Coke Makeover

Plus, Chicago weighs lambs’ blood on doors, and more

Missing Hasidic Boy Found Murdered

Police have suspect in custody

American Jews Unite Against Knesset Bill

The law of unintended consequences

Moscow Synagogue Bombed After Neo-Nazi Verdict

Shul attack, murder of immigrants, and the Dutch Kosher ban

Daybreak: SoCal Freedom

Plus, Moroccan praise, and more in the news

Sundown: Hail to the Chief

Plus, Braveheart versus Maccabees, and more

A Rabbi, an Imam, and a Weiner Walk in a Bar

Weiner follower of Pinto, Islam?

yes I said yes I will Yes

Huppah Dreams!

Yidl Mitn Pencl

This week’s “Tell Me”

Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves

Today on Tablet

Daybreak: Erdogan Reelected

Plus, Newt and Andrew speak, and more in the news

Chewing Over Bin Laden

In a Kosher restaurant in Brooklyn, news of Osama Bin Laden’s death prompted inconclusive but spirited talk of President Obama, Israel, Jews, and terrorism

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