Emily Schneider is a writer and educator in New York City who blogs about children's literature at imaginaryelevators.blog.

In Borges, Jewish Lessons for the #Resistance

Celebrating the 75th of an eerily prescient short story


Dinah and Batsheva Say #MeToo

Today on Jewcy: Two original poems


What is a Chanukah Scented Candle?

Today on Jewcy: What does “Mazel tov” even smell like?


Clara Lemlich’s Legacy Continues To Be an Inspiration for Change

In She Persisted, a new picture book by Chelsea Clinton about remarkable women in history, Lemlich is the lone Jewish representative


What a Dystopian Sinclair Lewis Novel Can Teach Us About the Specter of a Trump Presidency

Depictions of Jews in Lewis’s 1936 novel ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ are central to the book’s fascist premise. But these parallels extend well beyond one partiular group of people.

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