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Do We Need a Pro-Israel Lobby?

Six prominent thinkers and activists make their case—and their answers may surprise you

Israel and the Oscars

‘The Gatekeepers’ and ’5 Broken Cameras’ vie for the Academy Award

Mariano Rivera is a Mensch

Yankee Pitcher Named ‘Man of the Year’ by the New York Board of Rabbis

A Jewish Way To Fight the Flu

Printable Larry David and Woody Allen flu masks

A Film Theory

Today on Tablet, Rachel Shukert takes on slavery in the movies

Parks and Wreck

This week in Jewcy: Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, Pawnee’s holy fool

Come Hear About the New Deli Scene

A Tablet talk featuring Katz’s Jake Dell and Mile End’s Noah Bernamoff

Kibbutz Kitschen

Today on Tablet, Dana Kessler on Kibbutz cuisine

Guidance for Grownups

Today on Tablet, some advice for iPhone-wielding adults

Parental Guidance

This week in Jewcy, our partner site

The One-State Chorus

Today on Tablet, Tal Kra-Oz on calls to annex the West Bank

The Crime Novelist’s Secret

Today on Tablet, who was Ed Lacy?

Recipes For Sunday’s ‘Downton Abbey’ Premiere

This week in Jewcy, our partner site

2012: A Good Year for Jewish Men on Television

This week in Jewcy, our partner site: the best of this year’s ‘Network Jews’

From India to Israel

Today on Tablet, Bnei Menashe make aliyah

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