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Today on Tablet

Adam Kirsch on the Israeli writer Amos Oz

Today on Tablet: A Shifting View?

Joseph Braude examines a new Egyptian television show

Adam Kirsch, Round Two

Our venerable critic explores the demons and magic in the Talmud

Today on Tablet

James Kirchick looks at a Danish art exhibit and sees hypocrisy

Wallace Markfield, Renaissance Man

Today on Tablet, J. Hoberman gives Markfield his due

The Double Hoffman

Today on Tablet, ritual baths are inviting more Jews to the party

Jacques Levine Plays Footsie

Today on Tablet, a story about breaking the glass slipper

Blind Golf Has an Israeli Champion

Today on Tablet, the story of Zohar Sharon

Aliyah: All the Cool Parents Are Doing It

Today on Tablet–suburbanite American parents become cool Israelis

Romney and Einstein: Ideological Kin?

Today on Tablet from Yair Rosenberg

Queen Elizabeth II: Bubbe

Today on Tablet, the bubbefication of Queen Elizabeth II.

Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

Today on Tablet, a look back at Lenny Bruce

Today on Tablet

Joan Nathan breaks down how Jews have cornered the ice cream biz

Today on Tablet

Fouad Ajami explores the alliance against Iran between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

Today on Tablet

Donald Sanford and Jillian Schwartz sprint and vault to Israel

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