Hadara Graubart

Hadara Graubart was formerly a writer and editor for Tablet Magazine.

Israelis Tress for Success

OMC Israel is first step in world hairdressing competition. Seriously.

Daybreak: Israel Killed Arafat?

Settlements vs. Iran, Spielberg honored, and more in the news

Sundown: RV Dinners

Israel vs. Zionism, Jewish Rio, and the underworld

Daybreak: More Robinson Gripes

Crypto-Jews, the bright side of intermarriage, and more from the news

Sundown: Milk, Honey, and Black Gold

Striking it rich, preparing for battle, and objecting to an award for Mary Robinson

Jewish Boys in Crisis

JTA offers solutions to a problem that doesn’t seem to exist

Daybreak: Fatah Conference

And Mike Bloomberg in hot water, in the morning news

Sundown: Sometimes English Just Ain’t Enough

Yinglish, anti-Israel Zionism, and a badge of dishonor

Death Penalty

Crises face the newly departed

On Tablet Today

Commentary, classics, and a Grand address

Daybreak: Anger After Tel Aviv Shooting

Hate, corruption, and history

Sweater Girl

For Lisa Anne Auerbach, the yarn is the message

Sundown: Hate the Composer, Not the Music

Oppenheimer, Winehouse, and Seinfeld

Today on Tablet

Neurotic mothers, safe havens, and a video agitator

Blogger Visits Morocco, Meets Jews

Armchair orientalism on The Huffington Post

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