Hadara Graubart

Hadara Graubart was formerly a writer and editor for Tablet Magazine.

Daybreak: Reduced Restitution

Rockets, skulls, and more from the news

Sundown: Elf Defense

An ironic sculpture, a tired jokester, and a cross-genre cover

Daybreak: Preparing for Battle?

Muslims vs. Jews, Bibi vs. the U.N., and more from the news

Sundown: Not Quite Bra-Burning

Reform, rejection, and relaxation

‘Speak a Jewish Word’

‘And make an extra sale,’ 1950s brochure advises

Today on Tablet

The stage, the couch, and the capital

Daybreak: Klansman’s Poorly Chosen Ally

Retrial for Halimi’s killers, human rights in Gaza, and more in the news

Shock Therapy

How my shrink helped me by becoming my biggest problem

Sundown: History is the New Evolution

Reality TV, class consciousness, and grace under water

On Tablet Today

Justice, freedom, and sweets

Daybreak: Meeting, Cell Phones, and Lords

Exceptions for settlers, child labor, and more in the news

Sundown: The Home Team

Pols, playwrights, and players

Evil Is as Evil Does

Obama draws a connection between slavery and the Holocaust

Today on Tablet

An age-old predicament, to bomb or not to bomb, new books, and a road trip by the numbers

Daybreak: Obama to Talk to Jews

Franken’s past, a controversial prof, and more in the news

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