Hadara Graubart

Hadara Graubart was formerly a writer and editor for Tablet Magazine.

Today on Tablet

Holocaust deniers, a kosher video game, and weird kids

Daybreak: Can Palestinians Unify?

Fayyad’s optimism despite facts on the ground, a Jewish IMDB, and more from the news

Sundown: The Florida Files

Emerging communities, reverse discrimination, and the loneliest graduation

Daybreak: Highway to Hell

Conflicting names for a Missouri road, an Australian Madoff, and more in the news

In God She Trusts

Regina Spektor’s new album finds the human in the divine

Sundown: The More the Warier

Too many converts, segregated lectures, and more

Weak, in Review

Harold Ramis and Woody Allen get mostly panned

Daybreak: Peaceful, Easy Feelings

Sharing Jerusalem, Mubarak’s two cents, and more in the news

Sundown: Animals vs. Religion

Dog fur, Jesus, and the dignity of Iranian Jews

Messianic Jews Are Different

And not just because of their beliefs

DNA Proves Judaism

Which leads some gentiles to convert

Daybreak: Israel, U.S. to Keep Talking

A swine flu scare, justice for Holocaust victims, and more from the morning news

Sundown: Snack Attack

Offending (and befriending) Christians, disputed vineyards, and a Baltimore blog

Today on Tablet

The British National Party, a new generation of Goldas, and more

Neo-Nazis Joining U.S. Army

Use training for nefarious purposes, Salon says

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