Julie Subrin

Julie Subrin is Tablet Magazine's executive producer for audio.

From Sharkskin to Brooklyn

Your Vox Tablet preview

A Podcaster Extraordinaire

Congratulating the ASME winner

Lapsed Orthodox Singer Plays One In Her Show

Coming to the Fringe Festival

Remembering Jean Carroll, Trailblazing Jewish Comedienne

Listen to one of Carroll’s classic bits

Today’s Sorry

Apologies to the barrista, and to fellow commuters

Today’s Sorry

That whole economic collapse? My bad.

Today’s Sorry

He knows he shouldn’t make jokes about shul

Today’s Sorry

Pets and procrastination

Today’s Sorry

Porn star deserves better

Today’s Sorry

She wishes she weren’t so grumpy

Today’s Sorry

An apology to mom

Today’s Sorry

Swayze, we hardly knew ye

News from Spain

Good for bike racers, bad for medieval souls

Spielberg’s Path

From directing sharks to donating a Torah

Clothes Make the Woman

A peek inside London fashion with couturier David Sassoon

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