Leonard Felson has written for the New York Times, The Boston Globe, Reader’s Digest, The Jerusalem Report, and other publications.

When ‘Never Forget’ Becomes ‘I Don’t Remember’

My father always told us about how he survived the Holocaust. Now that dementia has taken his memories away, it’s my turn to tell his stories.


Is the Conservative Movement’s New Prayer Book a Step Towards its Revitalization?

The newly released Siddur Lev Shalem offers new avenues to an ancient ritual


Throwing Out the Ten Commandments—the Ones That Once Sat Atop My Cake

I found a memento from my bar mitzvah in my parents’ house. Was it finally time to let go of the past, or was it worth keeping?


A Brooklyn-Based Prayer Leader Heralds a Revolution in Jewish Music

Joey Weisenberg’s music workshops—blending a democratic approach with a range of traditions—aim to boost engagement


Seeing God at Yankee Stadium

When I caught a foul ball at a baseball game, I felt the divine presence—and it changed my whole life


Spiritual Healing Behind Bars

A Jewish spiritual practice called Mussar offers hope and inner peace for women in an unlikely place: prison

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