Lahav Harkov is the Knesset Correspondent for The Jerusalem Post. She tweets at @LahavHarkov.

Miri Regev’s Attention-Seeking Cannes Dress

Israel’s Culture Minister made a political statement by wearing a dress with the Jerusalem skyline printed on it


Golden Bibi Effigy Pops Up in Rabin Square, Only To Be Torn Down

An Israeli guerrilla artist wowed Tel Avivians by erecting a golden statue of Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday, leading Israel’s left and right into public disagreement


Israel’s Next Female Prime Minister

Who could be the first woman to lead the Jewish state since Golda Meir? And why is it taking so long?


Due to Salmonella Contamination, Hummus Scare Spreads in Israel

As if the Jewish people hadn’t suffered enough


Female Knesset Members Break the Silence About Sexual Harassment

Following an Israeli news report that 88 percent of Israel’s female lawmakers experienced harassment, MKs who told their stories hope they sent an empowering message to women


Why Is Israel Heading for an Election?

It’s not because of the economy or the “Jewish State” bill—it’s because Netanyahu’s coalition members just can’t get along

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