Lynn Harris

Lynn Harris, a Tablet Magazine contributing editor, writes regularly for Salon, The New York Times, Glamour, and other publications. She is a co-founder of the website

Rabbis in Recession

The recession has hit the rabbinate, too. How are the newly ordained—and laid-off veterans—handling the rabbi glut?

Oh, Brother

An only child considers the challenges of expanding her family

Wail of a Time

Cries of antipathy and prayer collide at the Western Wall

In a Burning Country

A summer in Jerusalem means coming upon different kinds of shelter

Up Against The Man

How did a woman become the establishment candidate? And does voting for her make me feminist? Or fusty?

Let Us Eat Cake

There’s only one Biblical birthday bash

Barcelona, Mon Amour

Strolling anew through a beloved city

Mothers’ Little Helpers

Guidebooks quell the anxieties of raising up a child

Sabbath’s Daughter

A Saturday birth ensured it would be no day of rest

Uncertain Terms

The High Holidays make you focus on life’s vicissitudes

Ham Hocks and Hellfire

Amid instructions on making paper dolls came Grandmother’s plea for my salvation

First Cut

The one rite even shrimp-eaters don’t forsake


The fears behind a joke that never grows old

Supernanny With a Beard

A celebrity rabbi takes on the American living room

Strangers on the Sofa

Hosting women about to have an abortion is the most direct, intimate mitzvah I’ve ever had the privilege to perform.

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