Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

Wake-Up Call

The leftist Israeli magazine +972 wants to sound the alarm on a Jewish state it believes is destroying itself

Web Darkens to Protest Proposed Legislation

Anti-piracy bills would censor Internet

Israel’s Great White Hope

Why Yair Lapid is not the answer to the (many) problems

Iran Uncovers My Secret Video Game Plot

So maybe they should at least let this American citizen go

Perpetual Movement

Clancy Sigal’s 1961 novel, Going Away, is a primer for the Occupy generation about the futility of despair and the inevitability of change

Right-Wing MKs Betray the Israeli Army

Powerful Likud politician tipped off extremists who attacked soldiers

‘Big Brother’ Goes Political

Israel’s biggest show is now tackling Israel’s biggest issues

When Israel Met Palestine

Recasting the conflict as a romantic comedy

The Avengers

Michael Kohlhaas, a 19th-century novella by Heinrich von Kleist, reminds the Israeli and U.S. right that lust for vengeance is a terrible idea

About Nothing

The invented Seinfeld winter holiday Festivus, like the late Christopher Hitchens, demands a religion-like dogma  around nonbelief

New Copyright Bill Could Squelch Innovation

Stop the Stop Online Piracy Act!


Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List is both a moral and an aesthetic disaster, an embodiment of much that is wrong with American-Jewish life

Not In My Name

An IDF spokesperson’s dismissal of a tragedy is the ultimate #moralfail

No. 2: Sunset Boulevard

The candid, insider’s take on Hollywood and the human condition

No. 4: Annie Hall

The film we love to love

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