Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

New Copyright Bill Could Squelch Innovation

Stop the Stop Online Piracy Act!


Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List is both a moral and an aesthetic disaster, an embodiment of much that is wrong with American-Jewish life

Not In My Name

An IDF spokesperson’s dismissal of a tragedy is the ultimate #moralfail

No. 2: Sunset Boulevard

The candid, insider’s take on Hollywood and the human condition

No. 4: Annie Hall

The film we love to love

No. 6: To Be or Not to Be

Ernst Lubitsch makes us masters of our own destiny

No. 7: Blazing Saddles

Fart scenes are the least of it

No. 9: The Apartment

Billy Wilder’s self-aware portrait of American greed and heartlessness

No. 10: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Total recall

No. 13: Ghostbusters

Do you believe in ghosts?

No. 15: The Big Lebowski

A Coen brothers classic

No. 17: Shoah

The Holocaust as a human event

No. 22: Night and Fog

An early Holocaust film sets the tone

No. 26: Battleship Potemkin

The masterpiece that shaped a medium

No. 27: Army of Shadows

Wartime’s beastly chaos

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