Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

No. 45: The Natural

At least third base

No. 48: Givat Halfon Eina Ona (Halfon Hill Doesn’t Answer)

Giving Israel a fighting chance

No. 51: Network

Mad as hell

Jewish Star

Despite his notorious pro-Hitler comments at Cannes, Lars von Trier is more of a Jew than he knows and Melancholia a more Jewish movie than he realizes

No. 60: Cabaret

This is what life is

No. 64: My Dinner With Andre

Talking it out

No. 66: Sophie’s Choice

No choice

No. 70: The Great Dictator

Adenoid Hynkel has a double

No. 72: Operation Thunderbolt

Heaven sent

Zionism and the Diaspora

The ad campaign revealed Israel’s view of itself as center of Jewish life

No. 76: Private Parts

A biopic that would have played better as fiction

No. 79: The Pianist

A Holocaust film of uncommon grace

No. 84: The Garden of the Finzi-Continis

Keeping the weeds at bay

No. 85: Gentleman’s Agreement

An understated American classic

No. 87: Once Upon a Time in America

The spaghetti Western turns Borscht Belt

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