Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

Threats Veiled

For hasidim traveling to Uman, lycra’s all the rage

Heavenly Fatherhood

A haftorah of child-rearing and redemption

Hapoelim of the World, Unite!

Tel Aviv soccer club enters the Champions League


A haftorah of strong emotions and long views

One-State Illusion

On Israel’s left and right, calls for binationalism are gaining ground. But the idea is a betrayal of Zionism, and of Judaism.

Value Judgment

A haftorah of dark times and core beliefs


Stallone’s Barney Ross versus our Barney Ross

Cruel to Be Kind

A haftorah of consolations and expectations

Alleged Israeli Serial Killer Arrested in Atlanta

‘Flint Slasher’ was headed for Tel Aviv

Top Sephardic Rabbi Slams Reform Jews

Israeli Amar says ‘liberals’ ‘terrorize’ true Jews

Strangers in a Strange Land

A haftorah of decency and despair

Wiki Bleak

A haftorah of reporting and responsibilities

Isaiah’s Inception

A haftorah of dreams and delusions

The Too Jewish Jewish State

Avishai aims at Newhouse, misses

Bibi v. Rotem

Opposing bill, PM challenges coalition partners

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