Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

Fibi Netanyahu

In 2001, PM boasted of manipulating Oslo accords

Against Happiness

A haftorah of joys and tribulations

Born Free

A haftorah of unpopular decisions and profound prophecies

Toy Soldiers

A haftorah of breaking down and sobering up

School Daze

A haftorah of outcasts and paybacks

‘Ot, Reb Bloom, Vos Makht Ir?’

‘Ulysses’ in Yiddish

The Big Squeeze

Hey that’s no way to eat hummus

Goal Posts

A haftorah of overtimes and underdogs

Powering Down

Zechariah, the flotilla, and reflections on might and morality

Spirited Away

A haftorah of messiahs and mindfulness

Soul Khan Reps the Old Testament

Jewish rapper mocks ‘phony sequel’

Israeli Sitcom Coming to Fox

With L.A. subbing for T.A.

The Haircut Heresy

A haftorah of fiery angels and fading strength

Got Milk?

The complicated history of Jews and dairy

Drowning in Numbers

A haftorah of counting down and living it up

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