Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

Judge Dread

A haftorah of women and war

Tu B’Chef

A ‘Top Chef’ star takes on Tu B’Shevat

Coco’s Channel

A haftorah of promises and pain

The Situation

A haftorah of curses and consequence

The Road Less Traveled

A weekly haftorah of repression and regeneration

Slay Ride

A haftorah of monarchy and madness

Jewish Terrorist Supplies Kinky Alibi

Can a porn fetish save a crazed killer?

A Serious Marriage

A haftorah of contradictions and reconciliation

With a Vengeance

A haftorah of jealousy and judgment

On Fire

A haftorah of miracles and memory

The Avenger

A haftorah of wrongs and fights

Harry Potter and the Case of the Syrian Translator

A new law allows Israelis to import books translated in Arab world

Bibi Opposed Prisoner Swap

In 1985 letter to Shamir

Po’ Boy

A haftorah of pride and property

Homeward Bound

How Naomi Frankel’s life and work mirrored modern Jewish history

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