Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

News We Can Use

VIDEO: Advice for Tablet from ethnic-newspaper editors

Peaks of Perfection

An Austrian museum mounts an exhibition on the Jewish love affair with the Alps

(Rabbinic) Master of War

Dylan’s old rabbi calls for total war

Our New Look

Tablet’s designers built a modern look that’s grounded in history

The Real Housewives of the Bible

Numbers 4:21-7:89

Blessings, To Go

Now with more Shema!

Proving Their Metal

Thirty years ago, two Jewish kids from Toronto swore they’d never stop rockin’. They never did.

Drowning in Numbers

Moses, Madoff, and the comforts of counting

All You Need Is Hate

Relationship advice from an angry God

Speak, Leonard

Now, I heard there was a secret chord…

Pure and Simple

Or, a chronicle of a death foretold

Get Over It

The beautiful ordinariness of Aaron

Electile Dysfunction

Or, too many leaders and no real choice

God’s Zagat

Dining with the Deity has its own rules

Time? Space? Continue ‘Em

Or Twitter and the Tabernacle

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