Malina Saval is an associate features editor at Variety and the author of The Secret Lives of Boys: Inside the Raw Emotional World of Male Teens and the novel Jewish Summer Camp Mafia.

Welcome to Our Newest Column, Jewish Stars

TV writer Sascha Rothchild on Glow, Passover at the Savages, and anti-Semitism on Twitter


Amy Winehouse Was a Nice Jewish Girl With a Big Problem

The singer, subject of a moving new biographical documentary, never lived long enough to learn how to live


Taking My First Trip to Ukraine, Under the Watchful Eyes of Jesus

A visit to Lviv for my brother’s wedding showed that for some Jews with Eastern European roots, you can’t go home again


Ryan Lochte’s Talmud Lesson

The Talmud tells parents to teach our kids to swim. The Olympic champ and reality TV star makes that easier.


God Is My Traffic Cop

I keep getting messages from God about driving on the Sabbath, so I’m going give it up—for one Saturday


Praying for Serenity

I learned to embrace the prayers we recited at Al-Anon meetings, until I started to feel left out as a Jew

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