Mark Bergen

Mark Bergen is a journalist based in Bangalore. His Twitter feed is @mhbergen.

Israel and India, a Match Made in the U.S., Develop Their Own Military Romance

How last month’s attacks in Nairobi, a reminder of the Mumbai siege, may bring them even closer together

Home Front

Is it wrong to build publicly subsidized housing designed for New York’s ultra-Orthodox community?

The Bogeyman of Iran

‘The New Yorker’ visits Tehran

How To Build a $100 Million Islamic Center

Legal hurdles cleared; but where’s the money coming from?

Punk in the Beerlight

David Berman and his father’s sins

Divestment Campaign Targets Settlements

Group petitions TIAA-CREF at board meeting

Ground Zero for a Fight

Cordoba House is like a JCC for Muslims

A Flotilla of Their Own

Pro-Israel group sails the East River for Shalit

Debating Israel From Afar

Jeffrey Goldberg and Jeremy Ben-Ami lock shofars

A Tea Party in North Jersey

Orthodox émigré takes a long shot at Congress

Rubashkin Cleared of Child Labor Charges

Kosher meat-packer acquitted

Unholy Roller

Real-life Orthodox drug kingpin arrested

Organ Donor Law Hits Orthodox Opposition

Controversial ‘presumed consent’ will have to go

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