Marissa Brostoff

Marissa Brostoff, a doctoral student in English at the CUNY Graduate Center, is a former staff writer at Tablet and the Forward.

Text Messages

As fights over textbooks simmer, Jewish groups enter the fray

Catholic Sins, Jewish Redemption

‘Atlantic’ writer says Kennedy, other pols benefit from a Jewish view of atonement

After 20 Years, a New ‘Shalom Sesame’

Jewish-themed ‘Sesame Street’ is back, now with Gyllenhaal and Messing

Birthright Alumni to Be Israel Advocates

In new ‘Diplomatic Fellowship’ program

Is Jerusalem Online University a Scam?

Blogger charges it’s tricking secular students into Orthodoxy

Matisyahu Releases New Album, ‘Light’

Mixes electronica, guitar rock into the reggae, to not-so-great reviews

First Cut

As the CDC considers recommending circumcision, a look at the history and purpose of the procedure

Israel’s Migrant-Labor Problems

Won’t go away, because Israelis won’t hire Arabs

Sundown: Israel vs. Sweden

Organ harvesting, Lady Gaga, and an Orthodox woman cop

Critics Fascinated, Repulsed, and a Little Bored

By ‘Inglourious Basterds’

Sundown: Our Mouthpiece, Ben Stein

Good hair, English roots, and an Egyptian synagogue

Physician’s Assistance

What would Maimonides say about health-care reform?

Rabbis Gang Up on HuffPost!

Three essays by four Jewish religious leaders

‘Forward’ Spikes Israelis-as-Chimps Cartoon

Gawker runs it, instead

‘It’s a Hasidic World’?

‘Haaretz’ writer visits schmaltzy Disney ride, is flummoxed

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