Marissa Brostoff

Marissa Brostoff, a doctoral student in English at the CUNY Graduate Center, is a former staff writer at Tablet and the Forward.

This Week in Boycotts

Who wants Trader Joe’s, Nokia, or Pepsi products anyway?

Is ‘Nazi Soap’ a Myth?

Play suggests no; historian says yes

Israeli Anti-Semitism Documentary

Makes only its filmmaker look bad

Revolution Renewed

Iranian Jewish writer Roya Hakakian, who fled to the U.S. in 1985, sees hope in the current chaos

Jewish Hipsters Exist

Commentary belatedly discovers

New York Ignored Westboro Picketers

Except to give money to gay synagogue

Anti-Gay, Anti-Jewish Activists Coming to New York

Westboro Baptist to target seminary, gay synagogue

Breaking: Swine-Flu Scare Shuts Day School

Manhattan’s Ramaz closes for middle schoolers


The Holocaust can dominate any conversation, says Errol Morris

Tony Kushner, Post-Zionist Mascot

The standard-bearer for the Jewish left?

Jimmy Carter Is Not Dead

Perhaps thanks to Hamas?

American Al-Qaida Speaks of Jewish Grandpa

In baroque Arabic

Mazel tov, Fergie!

You just got a little more Jewish

Same-Sex Marriage in Tel Aviv

Tomorrow, though not actually legal

Protest Museum Shooting and Iran, Together

While dressed as Ahmadinejad

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