Marissa Brostoff

Marissa Brostoff, a doctoral student in English at the CUNY Graduate Center, is a former staff writer at Tablet and the Forward.

Tablet Today

Israeli deconstructions, Diasporic reconstructions, and the birth of a Torah

Daybreak: Is the Pope Jewish?

Nuremberg translator dies, a blast in Lebanon, and more in the news

Israel Tells Foreign Visitors to Stay in West Bank

If they’re of Arab descent, ‘Forward’ says

Israeli Modesty Squads Fighting Miscegenation?

London writer says ultra-Orthodox groups have state OK to keep Jews, Arabs apart

Amy Winehouse Raps About Being Jewish

And smoking bacon

$6 Million for Tel Aviv Diaspora Museum

This time, to teach Israels about Jews elsewhere

Israeli Census Stats Released

Palestinians more impoverished; ultra-Orthodox more hungry

CNN Meets the Ex-Crypto-Jews of Crown Heights

But doesn’t call them ‘Sephardic’

Lebanese Critics Pan ‘Lebanon’ Movie

Saying it’s one-sided

Mystery Continues Over Where Gadhafi Will Sleep

Is he commuting to U.N from Westchester?

Why Is Israel So Upset by Goldstone Report?

Because it’s a loss in the ‘Legitimacy War,’ Princeton prof argues

Israeli Organ-Harvesting Stories Spread

Through Arab media, blogosphere

Happy New Year!

A Manhattan bartender devises some Rosh Hashanah cocktails

‘Seinfeld’ Cast to Reunite on ‘Curb’

Jewish Journal has questions; Baltimore Sun has answers

Service Charges

How synagogues and their congregants are handling the economic downturn

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