Marissa Brostoff

Marissa Brostoff, a doctoral student in English at the CUNY Graduate Center, is a former staff writer at Tablet and the Forward.

Where the ‘Wild Things’ Come From

Brooklyn Jews, says ‘Paste’

Retribution, Reconsidered

A new play considers the psychology of Holocaust survivors fixed on vengeance

Las Vegas Jewish Paper to Fold

Federation decides to spend money elsewhere

West Bank School Closed for Swine Flu

Meantime, 3,175 cases diagnosed in Israel

Religious Jewish, Muslim Boxers to Square Off

For junior-welterweight title

Hillel Doesn’t Work at Small Colleges

Says small-college student

British Marxist Talks Religion at Harvard Club

Terry Eagleton interviewed by JTS’s Arnie Eisen

Did NYC Candidate Publish Anti-Gay Ad to Attract Satmars?

Ad ran in Yiddish paper, candidate denies placing it

Egypt Restores Synagogues, Secretly

Word leaks thanks to changed political calculus

New Solondz Film Tackles Pedophilia, Bar Mitzvahs

Reviews in from Venice Film Festival premiere

Ramallah, Illinois

Is a film about Palestinians inherently political?

Assimilated Jews = Missing Persons

In new commercial for Israel study program

Oasis Breakup Brings Hitler to His Knees

In YouTube version of history

Why Jews Are Liberal

To give Podheretz a book topic, and, according to Medved, because we reject Christianity

The Decline of the Deli

New book chronicles demise, celebrates sandwiches

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