Matthew Fishbane

Matthew Fishbane is a senior editor at Tablet Magazine. His Twitter feed is @mattnycs.

Burning Man Israel

Photographs from the Negev by Sharon Avraham

Soon There Will Be No More Survivors

Watch this presentation: We say people must remember the Holocaust in the future, but we’re ignoring its victims today.

Jacob Wallenstein Is the Greatest Science-Fiction Writer to Never Have Lived

The Israeli’s magnum opus, ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow,’ is so good, it should have existed

The Boys of Summer, Roger Kahn (1972)

A book about baseball, Brooklyn, and life

Foundation Series, Isaac Asimov (1951)

Even in space, it’s the smart ones who survive

Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number, Jacobo Timerman (1981)

The Final Solution reaches Argentina

Video: Discovering Solomon’s Lost Temple

In rare new footage, villagers on a remote island describe a biblical discovery

Fiji Will Send 380 Troops to the Golan Heights

Russia’s role in placing the Golan’s newest peacekeepers

Israel Beats Honduras in Soccer Match

The two countries played a friendly game at Citi Field

The Invisible City

What’s the best way to make history come alive? One guide’s answer: stories.

Ride of Their Lives

New Jewish museum reaches out to Polish cyclists

Excerpt: Solomon’s Island

The Internet says the Lost Temple of Israel is hidden in the South Pacific. A reporter went to investigate.

A Hanukkah Invitation to Uganda

Catching up with Moses Sebagado

On “Jewish” Writing

Starting a conversation about Jewish fiction

Chávez Stirs Up Anti-Semitism Against Rival

Henrique Capriles Radonski isn’t Jewish, but that hardly matters in Venezuela

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