Marjorie Ingall

Marjorie Ingall, a Life & Religion columnist for Tablet Magazine, is the author of The Field Guide to North American Males and the co-author of Hungry.

The Meaning of Life

In elementary school, it’s girls gone vile

Hut Enough For Ya?

How to decorate a sukkah with no budget and no talent

Bomb the Ban!

In praise of Shel Silverstein and other banned children’s book authors

How to Atone Like a Child

On Yom Kippur, kids will be kids

Whither the Sheygets?

As Johnny Castle in ‘Dirty Dancing,’ Patrick Swayze was the last—and best—of a breed

Sorry, Again

There’s no sure way to raise kids who apologize and accept apologies

Mad About Food

Leave the guilt, take the cannoli

Making the Grade

Why parents should resist the allure of special classes for their gifted kids

The Annotated Child: All Set!

Our parenting columnist tunes in to the world of TV

To Grandmother’s House

Eight reasons the kids find grandma’s house more fun than our own

Mommy, What’s a Spliff?

How to keep your kids from hopping onto the magic bus

The Actualized Dragon

Imagining the world’s most politically correct children’s book

Role Reversal

When children have to look after their aging parents

God of My Children

The impact belief systems have on our happiness

The Annotated Child: Road Trip!

Summertime, and the car rides ain’t easy

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