Marc Tracy

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.

Today on Tablet

Apple-and-honey taste test, Rosh Hashanah FAQs, meet the Beatles

Daybreak: Don’t Mention The Weapons

Plus, Harvard Holocaust denial and Sharansky on that ad

Sundown: Bibi and Barak Tag-Team

Plus Iran non-action, Bar Kochba coins, Trump-Kushner nuptials

HRW Official Collects Nazi Memorabilia

More problems for rights group accused of anti-Israel bias

Conservative Movement Plans Liberal Tinkering

United Synagogue head also discusses ‘Lost’ ad

Israeli Loves Nadal, Kisses Him

PDA at U.S. open

Today on Tablet

Jews on liberal Jews, artsy ‘ritual’, wild honey pie

Daybreak: Bibi in Moscow

Plus Spain on Syria and how to stop an Iranian bomb

Sundown: An Undivided Yerushalayim

Plus Chávez and Ban Ki-moon on Israel, and more

Museum Lists Most Influential New Yorkers

And a quarter of them are Jews

The Messiah Comes From the East

Sephardic rabbi predicts Sephardic savior

Today on Tablet

Talmud for sale, hear the music, vote Democratic

Daybreak: Secret Meetings

Plus Iranian uranium and two Gaza operations

Sundown: U.S. Jews Agree That Nuclear Iran Is Bad

Plus Ehud Barak backs settlement freeze, Gilad Shalit writes home, and more

Ad Calls Non-Israeli Jews ‘Lost’

And the Diaspora is just a bit offended

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