Marc Tracy

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.

Jewish Crooks

Our editor ponders Madoff, Dwek, and other shandes

Self-Loving Emanuel No ‘Self-Hating Jew’

Bibi denies earlier remark; profile proves it wrong

Auschwitz Survivor Brutally Murdered

90-year-old ran one of NYC’s hottest discos

‘Heeb’ Explains Hitler Image

Yes, that’s Roseanne dressed as the Führer

Today in Tablet

Modest ‘Blossom’, cups of Israeli Joe, and more

Madonna’s First Israeli Column

Has zeal of the sort-of converted

Daybreak: The ‘Times’ Makes Some Suggestions

Turkey wants in, Lieberman picks a fight, and more

Sundown: Israel Practices Self-Defense

Madonna the columnist, the Coen Bros., and more

Obama To Honor Harvey Milk

Famed gay activist was also a Jew

Organ Donation’s Legality, Jewish and Otherwise

Arrested kidney broker raises big questions

Israel, U.S. At Odds on Iran

Week of meetings produces no consensus

Yankees Trade For a Jew

Pitcher Hirsh’s mother must be so proud

Hugo Chávez’s Uses for Anti-Semitism

Remorse for temple vandalism is exception to rule

Today on Tablet

Israel’s mob (with photos!), a daughter draws her dad

Daybreak: Settlers Defy Obama

The N.J. case in Israel, the Madoff case, and more

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