Marc Tracy

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.

Setback for Gay Marriage? Have a Lemon Bar!

Faygele Ben Miriam’s recipe for his favorite treat

Holland Will Allow Ritual Slaughter

New law permits kosher, halal killing

Daybreak: Thinking of a Master Plan

Plus a new Egyptian constitution, and more in the news

Sundown: Lieberman Condemns Recent Violence

Plus the Dersh calls for a settlement freeze, and more

Two All Stars, a Draft Pick, and Red Auerbach

Your afternoon sports round-up!

We Hope You Can Read This in China

Remembering the crackdown at Tiananmen Square

Israeli Airport Security Now Checking Emails

Associated Press picks up story from advocacy blog Mondoweiss

Madonna Brands Le Pen With Swastika

National Front leader bravely responds by threatening to sue

With ‘Flame,’ Israel Is Playing With Fire

But how effectively can computer viruses forestall military action?

Daybreak: Fierce Fighting in Syria

Plus Turkey goes after Israeli officers, and more in the news

Sundown: Bibi Orders Expedited Deportations

Plus anti-Semitism in Ukraine (maybe), Eszterhas on Mel, and more

Ford Continues the Good Fight from Home

U.S. ambassador to Syria blames Russia, Iran for enabling slaughter

Speer’s Son Designed Qatar Soccer Complex

2022 World Cup Finals will feature 12 outdoor stadiums with AC

A Biden Shows Up in ‘Huppah Dreams’

The special vice-presidential edition of our wedding of the week

Open Zion Funder Questions Beinart Approach

Peter Joseph, of Israel Policy Forum, condemns ‘oversimplified rhetoric’

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