Marc Tracy

Marc Tracy is a staff writer at The New Republic, and was previously a staff writer at Tablet. He tweets @marcatracy.

‘New York’ Has Article About What’s-His-Face

The Peter Beinart article to end them all (literally)

Daybreak: Mubarak Sentenced to Life

Plus Bibi’s settlement solution, and more in the news

God Is Dead, Long Live God!

The week that was on Tablet Magazine

Sundown: The Valkyries Ride in Israel

Plus Sunday in the Park with Israel, and more

Would You Write That If He Were Jewish?

Mitt Romney’s campaign search-and-replaces ‘Mormon’ for ‘Jew’

Adjective, Nine Letters, Describes All Allegories

Kafka comes into the Comment of the Week

Presidents Who Knew the Most About Judaism

A humble list; and Obama is not number one

Daybreak: Soldier Killed Near Gaza Border

Plus Obama’s bold cyberwar campaign, and more in the news

Kafka Estate’s Lawyers Helpless Before the Law

Israel claims papers for National Library, is also the doorkeeper

Friedman Takes on Apartheids and Boycotts

But his subject is 1980s South Africa and Paul Simon

@AmbassadorOren on Why He Joined Twitter

The Israeli envoy discusses his job as diplomat to the public

Daybreak: Flame Consumer Iran’s Computers

Plus ‘Polish death camp’ becomes Polish grudge, and more in the news

Sundown: Russian Obfuscation on Wallenberg?

Plus Brooklyn D.A. Hynes is a great goy, and more

Two Jerusalem Artifacts Could Be Destroyed

Israeli judge threatens ‘judgment of Solomon’ on controversial items

‘Why Do Some People Hate Jews?’

A handy flowchart to explain why you are anti-Semitic, if indeed you are

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