Michael Weiss

Nuclear War of Words

Is the U.S. fibbing in its claims against Iran?

Rabbi Rambo

The do-it-yourself approach to synagogue security

Davening Through the Downturn

High Holidays in the recession

Forbidding Sequel

Why a Third Lebanon War would be far worse than the Second

Will Netanyahu, Abbas Give Peace a Chance?

At the UNGA? Or maybe later? Or ‘it depends’?

Gadhafi Banished From Garden State

Planned to pitch a suburban tent for U.N. confab

Deal Soon for Shalit?

Hamas political chief headed to Egypt for negotiations; German official to moderate

U.S. Drops Call for E. Jerusalem Settlement Freeze

Realizes Bibi can’t announce halt

Abbas Willing to Talk to Netanyahu

At U.N. next month, albeit informally

Palestinian State by 2011, Fayyad Says

That is, a workable state, whether granted statehood or not

This Week in Obstacles to Mideast Peace

No treaty soon with Lebanon; more Jewish building in East Jerusalem?

Did Scotland Have the Wrong Man?

Lockerbie convict released, but some think Iran was really behind the bombing

Evidence of Iran Nuclear Program?

ElBaradei has it but is hiding it, sources tell ‘Haaretz’

Website Corrects Record on Obama Positions

Resettling Hamas members in U.S.? Meshugge!

Did IDF Kill 12 Surrendering Palestinians?

Report says yes, though author has anti-Israel background

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