Paula Jacobs is a writer in the Boston area.

Preparing for Uncertain Days Ahead

How the fast of the 10th of Tevet, which occurs on Sunday, can help you be more mindful in the face of a stressful future


On Tu B’Av, Embrace Thy Neighbor

Sure, Tu B’Av is a time for romance. But in today’s divisive climate, the holiday also provides us with an opportunity to feel hopeful, and to sing together.


How My Passover Cleaning Became a Spiritual Reckoning

As we move from slavery to freedom and from past to future on our journey to redemption, we need to deal critically with the dark elements of our history


Remembering the Greatest Generation

My parents’ efforts during the World War II—my father was a GI who landed at Utah Beach on D-day, and my mother a “Gray Lady” for the American Red Cross—still bring shivers down my spine. It’s important to continue to bring their stories to life.


Hoarders, Passover Edition: Cleaning Out Chametz, and Letting Our Clutter Go

Every year, we sweep away crumbs from our cabinets. But we’re often afraid to sweep away stuff we’d be better off without.

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