Ron Capshaw is a writer living in Midlothian, Va.

The Communist Party’s Human Gramophones, and the Liberal Who Opposed Them

Robert Warshow, born 100 years ago and dead at 37, saw through Stalinist communism’s false American promises


The Recantation of Albert Maltz: A Pre-History of PC Stalinism

On his 98th birthday, the sad story of one writer’s struggle with the bullying from within his own political party


The Forgotten Founder of ‘Partisan Review’ Wrote Porn and Thrillers

What happened when Kenneth Fearing’s Communist sympathies came up against his ideas about art?


Stranger Than Pulp Fiction

Crime writer Ed Lacy died 45 years ago. Few knew he was also a New Yorker contributor and communist darling.


Party Line

Arthur Miller wrote communist theater criticism under the pseudonym Matt Wayne. The discovery may realign views of his life and politics.

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